FAVA Projects


FAVA Projects


Strategic, Marketing and Business Plans:
Prepared Preliminary Business Plan for insertion of high-end timeshare component as an extension of established quality 200 unit motel complex product located in Ocean City, Maryland, with additional amenities and an oceanfront parcel added to the mixed unit development. Developed the Business Plan and assisted the developer in all aspects of the design, financing and establishment of sales and marketing infrastructure.

Provided guidance to golf course developer in turning around an aged eighteen hole facility located in Northern New York. Negotiated and arranged a public/private partnership with the municipality where the course was located to allow for public use of the facility during winter months for winter sports activities such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and ice skating. Assignment involved writing the initial market plan and project feasibility study for this business model, oral presentations and operational implementation.

Preparation of a conceptual analysis for a quasi public auction for the remaining parcels of a defunct land development located in Southern California. Having been abandoned by the land developer, approximately two hundred (200) parcels ranging in size from one-half to five acres were in the REO department of a local community bank. The engagement assignment was to prepare options for the liquidation of the property. After reviewing various options, it was decided to hold two-two day auctions where parcels would be offered at discounted prices to adjacent parcel owners, other invited land developers and the general public. All parcels were sold within three auction sessions.

Project Development:
Worked with developers, contractors and architects on unit design; interior designers on unit finishes and furniture issues, developed the Marketing and Sales Plan, recruited/trained the sales team, and set up administrative and information technology systems for commercial, resort and timeshare projects in:

- Nevada
- Hawaii
- New Jersey
- Colorado
- Florida
- Tennessee
- South Carolina

Workouts, Turnarounds and Loss Mitigation:
Assignments completed on behalf of companies engaged in :

- Mortgage Banking
- Auto Dealerships
- Timeshare Resorts
- Community and Homeowner Associations
- Credit unions
- Golf Courses and Bowling Centers
- Finance Companies